Just like other ordinary girls, Nelma C. Antipatia was once in love and blessed with a lovely daughter. However, the relationship did work well and she chooses to live happily as a solo parent. Living with her elderly mother, Nelma has been a breadwinner of the family at an early age.

After finishing high school, an opportunity to work with the Department was offered to her. She then worked here for 15 long years as a utility until now. She is the only girl among the 5-utility staff here but this is not an issue because she can do what men can do.

Through working here, she was able to send her daughter to a school who is now a first-year college student taking up a Bachelor of Science in Social Work at the Iloilo Doctor’s College. Aside from her daughter, she also took the responsibility of taking care of her niece from six-year-old up until she graduated Cum Laude at West Visayas State University only last year as she took the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science course.

For Nelma, working at the Department is a blessing from God because she embraces already the nature of work of the DSWD May Malasakit and its mandate, especially BawatBuhayMahalagaSaDSWD.Both her family and DSWD are so proud of Nelma as we consider her one of our Angels in Red Vest.