The Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation is a social safety net or a stop-gap mechanism to support the recovery of individuals and families from unexpected crisis such as illness or death of a family member, and other crisis situations.

The Crisis Intervention Unit is a special unit operating as an action center to immediately respond to cases of individuals and families in crisis situations. It provides integrated services such as immediate rescue/ and protection provision of direct financial and material assistance, augmentation during disaster and referrals for immediate medical, legal, psycho-social services.

The CIU also operates through the DSWD Social Welfare and Development Teams in the different provincial clusters in the region which accepts target clienteles categorized as either walk-in, rescued and referred clients such as Individuals and families with no adequate means to provide for medical, transportation, burial and other immediate needs,  Abandoned, abused and exploited adults and children.



Immediate response to cases of individuals and families in crisis situation through the provision of financial and material assistance.



Walk-in-clients and referred clients who are in crisis situation based on assessment of social worker.



Documents for medical assistance:

  1. Medical abstract/medical certificate
  2. Prescription, Laboratory Request, Final Hospital Bill
  3. Brgy. Indigency or Residency of claimant
  4. Valid id of claimant
  5. Social Case Study Report from the City/Municipal  Social Welfare and Development Officer (For hospital Bill)

Documents for burial assistance:

  1. Certified true copy of death certificate
  2. Funeral Contract
  3. Indigency or Residency of claimant
  4. Valid ID of claimant

Document for educational assistance:

  1. Registration form or Certificate of Enrollment
  2. Validated School ID of the student
  3. Indigency or Residency of claimant
  4. Valid ID of claimant