The Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens is one of the provisions stated under Section 5 Republic Act 9994 otherwise known as the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010


Social Pension is an additional government assistance in the amount of Five Hundred Pesos Only (P500.00) monthly stipend to augment the daily subsistence and other medical needs of indigent senior citizens, subject to a review every two years by Congress in consultation with the DSWD.

Who are eligible?

As defined in Section 3 of Republic Act 9994, indigent senior citizens refer to any elderly who is:

a.  Frail, sickly or with disability
b.  Without pension
c.  No permanent source of income, compensation or financial assistance from relatives to support his/her basic needs.

For information:

Senior citizens may inquire at the nearest City/Municipal Social Welfare Office (C/MSWDO and Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA)) and DSWD Field Office VI at Tel. No. 3376221 or email at