1. What is Bayanihang Bayan?The Bayanihang Bayan Program (BBP) or the Volunteer Program for Government Service is a platform for private sector volunteering in government agencies and local government units by virtue of Republic Act 9418 or the Volunteer Act of 2007. The law mandates that “National government agencies and local government units shall establish volunteer programs in their respective offices to promote and encourage volunteering in government programs and projects as well as enjoin government employees to render volunteer service in social, economic and humanitarian development undertakings in the community” (RA 9418, Section 12c).BBP engages the volunteer assistance of the private sector in the implementation of government programs and projects for stronger partnership between and among the stakeholders. It was formulated through consultations with representatives of government agencies, NGOs, the business sector and the academe who believe in the power of volunteerism as an instrument in propelling national development in all fronts.
  2. Why Bayanihang Bayan?Primed by the spirit of “bayanihan” or mutual help, Bayanihang Bayan promotes social progress through service-oriented cooperation among Filipinos in all levels and sectors of society. It aims to:
    • build strong partnership between the government and private sector in implementing development programs and projects;
    • create awareness on the programs of the government; and
    • provide private individuals and groups with volunteering opportunities in government.


  3. Who are Involved?3.1. Implementers

    3.1.1. National Government Agencies (NGAs)
    3.1.2. Local Government Units (LGUs)
    3.1.3. Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs)
    3.1.4. Government Financial Institutions (GFIs)
    3.1.5. Public schools, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs)

    3.2. The Volunteers

    3.2.1. Individuals – Must be 15 years old and above who may belong to any of these

    • Youth – 15 to 18-year-old volunteers may be eligible to volunteer only in non-hazardous
    • Mid-career professionals
    • Retirees
    • Overseas Filipinos

    3.2.2 Groups/Organizations – NGOs, corporate groups, school-based organizations

    3.3. The Partners/Beneficiaries – implementers, volunteers, communities served

    3.4. Overseer – PNVSCA serves as coordinator of the overall implementation; promotes and advocates institutionalization of BBP in all government agencies and LGUs; and monitors and evaluates the BBP.

  4. What are the Types of Volunteer Assistance?
    4.1 Skills-based – Volunteers provide assistance based on their professional or technical expertise
    4.2 Interest-based – Volunteers provide assistance to projects and activities that are aligned with their personal interest or causes and which may or may not be linked with their technical expertise. Examples: visiting orphanages, tree planting, fire brigade, house build, feeding program, etc.
    4.3 Resource-based – Volunteers contribute financial and other material resources instead of or in addition to volunteer time. Examples: funding community projects, donations of clothing, food, books, construction materials, etc.
  5. What are the Modalities of Volunteer Work?
    5.1 One-shot impact scheme – interested volunteers are mobilized for a one-day to one-week volunteer work such as clean-up drives, distribution of relief goods, involvement in election watch, and building of houses
    5.2 Short-term scheme – volunteer work that continuously runs for less than one year. Some examples are social service projects such as teach-in, medical missions, community mapping, project evaluation, among others
    5.3. Long-term scheme – continuous project involvement that runs for more than one year
  6. How to register as volunteer?Contact the national government agency or local government unit where you would like to volunteer and ask for available volunteer opportunities.

More hands are better than one

The popular saying that “more hands are better than one” significantly applies to development and volunteering. In development, every effort counts and this is what volunteering offers—an opportunity for everyone to contribute to building a better and healthier Philippines for the Filipinos.

We all have something to offer for our country and countrymen. It could be knowledge and technical skills; experiences and insights; ability to communicate, persuade, and motivate; ability to organize and mobilize. It could also be some resources you have that can benefit more if used in community projects and activities. Don’t keep these things to yourself. Here is your chance to make a difference. Volunteer with Bayanihang Bayan!



Source: http://www.pnvsca.gov.ph/