Kalahi-CIDSS Area Coordinator Reyky Pelonia believes there is a need to capacitate the project staff in shifting the directions of the Program implementation from Community Driven-Development to Livelihood Enterprise Development.
Pelonia shares his insights during the last day of the Community Driven-Development and Local Development: Moving From Access to Basic Services to Sustainable Livelihood Development virtual learning session with the World Bank, National Project Management Office, and regional field offices.
The 3rd day of the virtual training deals on the topic entitled The way forward: Determining Key Design Features of Local Enterprise Development Modality, wherein the participants were given different topics for the break-out sessions.
Region VI, along with regions VII and VIII were given the topic on strategic adjustments in the CDD process to include changes in the participatory methods, maintaining participation, and tools.
Pelonia says his insights were based on his experience as an Area Coordinator. He serves as Area Coordinator of Kalahi-CIDSS for seven years and eight months in different municipalities in Western Visayas. Currently, he is assigned in the town of Bingawan, Iloilo.
His rich experiences in the various towns and provinces give Pelonia a wider perspective in handling programs and services of the social welfare department.
The virtual learning session also deals with the type or model applicable for the Philippine setting as well as the timeline.
The shifting of the Program implementation is deemed responsive in this time of pandemic where many people lost their jobs.#