ALIMODIAN Mayor Geefree Alonsabe cited the great contribution of community volunteers in the completion of the P2.8 million COVID-19 related projects in his town.
Alonsabe expressed his appreciation during the recent turn-over of Kalahi-CIDSS projects at Barangay Bulod and Taban Manguining.
The projects in Bulod amounted to P1.4 million and will benefit more than 8,000 households. The project consists of medical supplies, essential medicines, and vitamins. It will benefit more than 8,000 households.
While the project in Taban Manguining amounted to P1.4 million. The project consists of responsive kits for Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERTs) and will benefit more than 8,000 households.
“The Kalahi-CIDSS community volunteers are modern-day heroes. We are now reaping the harvest of your hard labors,” said Alonsabe.
The mayor encouraged the community volunteers to continue serving their communities even without pay. “Let us uphold the baganihan spirit,”
Alonsabe admitted that he did not lift his finger on the implementation of the projects in Bulod and Taban Manguining because he believes in the people’s capacity to identify their needs.
The people have been articulate about their needs. They help us identify their priorities according to the actual situation in the barangays, added Alonsabe.
“Kalahi-CIDSS is indeed empowering people. You are now vocal, you are critical and beginning to question and analyze your government’s decisions and directions,“ said Alonsabe.
Kalahi-CIDSS is implementing its projects in rural areas using the Community-Driven Development strategy. It is an approach where local communities take control of the planning, implementation, and resource investments for their local development.
CDD ensures that programs integrate the principles of local empowerment, participatory governance, demand-responsiveness, administrative autonomy, greater downward accountability, and enhanced local capacity.
The mayor also cited the continued support of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the town’s poverty alleviation programs.#