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For a long time, Barangay Gama Grande in Calinog, Iloilo did not have a single day without any discomfort especially when it comes to their water supply. Gama Grande was hardly provided with water system since the barangay is located in higher terrain. The residents can only trudge slippery and dangerous paths just to reach the stream where they get their supply of water. They would just often forget about the problem and just see the beauty in how they would get up early in the morning to finish up their laundry together by the stream.

Years later, Barangay Gama Grande’s problem in water supply was temporarily addressed when their neighbouring barangay constructed a deep-well water pump but not for long, the abundant flow slowly became scarce. However, they have to endure it since it was their only source of clean water and they still needed to do occasional visits to the stream to fetch water for other needs.

Save the fact that they have a difficult situation speaking of water supply, what worried them even more was the hard situation that the daycare and health center had to endure as well. Their life took an impactful turn when Kalahi-CIDSS came to aid their shortcomings.

In 2007, Gama Grande was constructed a water system with connecting pipes to each household. Since then, the residents had an easy access to water and did not have to be concerned about the problem anymore.

In the course of the implementation of the Kalahi-funded water system, Gama Grande was proud to say that they did not face any problems regarding the community’s unity since everyone instinctively knew that harmony between the members of the community is the key to success. The project implementation also became easy since everyone was excited because it was water that they need and Kalahi-CIDSS came to give them, if not permanent, convenient and easy access to water.

Years after the water system was constructed and a community association formed out of it, Gama Grande faced problems in the pipes’ condition and in their operations as well. The flow of the water became scarce. It was years since Kalahi-CIDSS was there to guide and educate them. Now, it was time for them to take the initiative.

The Gama Grande Community Association succeeded on getting help from the provincial government. They were given funds to maintain the water facility and they ensured that regular monitoring was still conducted.

Meanwhile, the residents did not stop to spark more eagerness and initiatives in the part of other members of the community. They devoted their time and effort to make each member of the community to fully understand that the project can last for the longest time when every one of them helps and unites as one. Every member of the community became responsible for monitoring the condition of their water system.

Indeed, the value of unity and understanding between the members of the community was undeniable. There were actually residents of the barangay who are located on farther areas and were not covered by the projects but instead of feeling envy, they understood the majority of the community who needed the project. More than that, they were more concerned about the health center and the children going to the school who would benefit from the project more than anyone else.

Because of the value of sama-samang pagkilos nang may malasakit they adapted from Kalahi culture, the bond of the community became even tighter than ever. They understand each other’s needs. Everyone was responsible of maintaining the project. More than that, more members from the community showed interest on becoming a volunteer for the organization because they saw how dedicated the officers are.

The Gama Grande Community Association seeks to continue on helping out the people on giving them what they need and to especially uphold the value of sama-samang pagkilos nang may malasakit to the whole community/xzyservento/kalahi-cidss/dswd6//.

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