A residential center for abused women and their children established in cooperation with the Congressional Spouses Foundation and Inc.  rcwbuilding

The center caters to women and children who were victims of rape, incest, involuntary prostitution, and illegal recruitment, domestic violence and abandonment.

It offers protective and rehabilitative services as well as conducts skill trainings to its residents so that they can learn basic livelihood skills.

Target clients of RCW are disadvantaged women and children who are victims of domestic violence; battered or physically abused; victims of illegal recruitment; victims of involuntary of forced prostitution, victims of illegal recruitment; and children who are victims of neglect and abandonment.

Services offered are:

  • Interventions that seek to restore/develop social functioning of the residents from admission to discharge and preparation for family reunification and community reintegration are undertaken.
  • Case management. A multi-disciplinary team utilizing social work interventions which include but not limited to counseling, casework, group, work, family/group/individual/therapy etc is mobilized.
  • Residential care and rehabilitation program – an alternative form of family care, providing 24- hour group living on a temporary basis to individuals whose needs cannot be adequately met by their own families and relatives over a period of time.


Client’s who are considered for residential care and other therapeutic services are those who are under threat and those exhibiting negative social functioning; and no significant person can provide the necessary protection and emotional support.

The Haven/Substitute Home for Women shall admit women clients aged 18-59 years old and who are:

  • Victims of Violence
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (incest, rape, victims of trafficking in Persons, victims of involuntary prostitution, and illegal recruitment)