Home for Girls as a temporary residential facility is an alternative form of family care providing 24 hour group living on a temporary  forwebsitehfgbasis to girls below 18 years old, with special needs, where needs cannot be adequately met by their own families and relatives over a period of time. Residential services provide opportunity for the resident to be adequately cared for temporarily under a controlled therapeutic environment with the end view of reunion or reintegration with their family and the community to lead a normal life.


A safe and nurturing environment
for children victims of abuse
where they are provided
psycho-social interventions
to overcome their trauma and
prepare them for re-integration
with their families.


To provide a comprehensive
and needs based approach
towards rehabilitation of children
where they are provided varied opportunities
to maximize and develop their potentials and regain their dignity and self-worth.


The Center aims to enable girls with special needs and are in especially difficult circumstances resolve their problems and restored to normal functioning, hence, rejoining their self-worth and dignity as a person through provision of protective and rehabilitative programs and services thus making them ready towards family reunification and community reintegration.


  • To provide temporary shelter to children who cannot remain in their own homes due to risk of further abuse;
  • To observe the child’s behavior and provide a multi-disciplinary approach in their healing and recovery;
  • To assist the child in overcoming trauma of sexual abuse through regular counseling, group work sessions and therapeutic activities;
  • To engage the child and their families in deciding the best placement for them when discharge from the center
  • To provide support services such as education, skills training and livelihood activities
  • To serve as a resource center for training, research program development, and policy formulation related to residential care, social work profession and other related fields.

Target clientele are girls below 18 years old who were:

  • VICTIMS OF INVOLUNTARY / FORCED PROSTITUTION – refers to children who were recruited for various forms of employment such as receptionist, waitresses, entertainers, dancers, household help who are later on forced into prostitution.
  • VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT -refers to children who were recruited usually for a fee for various form of local or foreign employment but ended up being victimized.
  • PHYSICALLY ABUSED CHILDREN -refers to children who are physically, mentally and emotionally maltreated/ abused for various reasons by husbands, other family members, employers, etc.

INCEST – refers to children who have carnal relations with their parent, siblings or blood relatives to the 4th degree of consanguinity.

RAPE – refers to children who have been victims of genital copulation usually accompanied by bodily threat with a deadly weapon.

ACTS OF LASCIVIOUSNESS – refers to children victims of intentional touching of the genetalia, anus, breast, or inner thigh of any person whether of the same or opposite sex.


  • SOCIAL SERVICES – Provision of a comprehensive and integrated delivery of rehabilitation services using interdisciplinary approach for individuals mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being while at the center.
  • HOMELIFE SERVICES – Provision of the basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, giving and teaching the child daily chores and work assignments according to her capability, interest and readiness aimed at providing a semblance of normal family life.
  • EDUCATIONAL SERVICES – Provision of opportunities for continuing education through formal or non-formal education in cooperation with DepEd and NGOs.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL/PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES – Administers psychological test to assess the client’s aptitude, interest and intellectual functioning. Girls who are in need of psychiatric services are referred to hospitals for professional help and treatment
  • HEALTH SERVICES – provision and maintenance of the physical, mental and nutritional well- being. These include consultation and treatment, medical and dental check-up, referral to hospital needing further medical assessment and treatment.
  • ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY/SKILLS TRAINING – Skills training and development equip girls with basic livelihood skills to start with once they are united with their families or reintegrated to the community
  • RECREATIONAL SPORTS and OTHER SOCIO-CULTURAL ACTIVITIES – Conducts an array of activities along sports, camps and social celebrations aimed at developing the girls’ well rounded personalities
  • DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES – provision of activities aimed at helping the resident develop awareness and practical skills. Planning and accessing to skills training and enabling them for possible open and self-employment.
  • SPIRITUAL SERVICES – refers to activities such as regular group prayer time and mass that will promote closeness communion with God and brotherhood among the residents.

Contact Information

DSWD-Home for Girls
(033) 522-8941